Sung-wei Chen

Sung-wei Chen partners with New Amsterdam as Managing Director of Lambda Innovation, a global technology development/invention/investment company based in Singapore, with operations in the US. Chen develops new technology and intellectual property for large capitalization companies across new media, IT and media technologies, physical/material sciences, and biotechnology. He also performs strategic analysis of technology, markets, and inventions that have led to investment commitments of over US$100MM+ in the last 8 months.

Before LI, Sung-wei was a Director of Intellectual Ventures Asia, a global US$5 billion technology/intellectual property private equity investor. He was based in Singapore, and responsible for technology/invention and business development in the Southeast Asia/Pacific region. While at IV, he led the formation of the IV Australia office, was solely responsible for recruiting inventors in all technology sectors, and negotiated licensing agreements with institutions and government entities.

Sung-wei has also been an associate at ARCH Venture Partners (a $1 billion seed and early stage venture capital firm), and a technology licensing officer at UCLA. He has helped found several technology companies including CantaMetrix, a music start-up sold to Sony/Gracenote. He has an M.S. in Chemistry from the University of Washington, Seattle, and an A.B. in Chemistry with minors in math and physics from UC Berkeley. He holds various accreditation’s in accounting and finance.

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